Dr. Michael Genkin at Elite Footcare NYNJ in Lower Manhattan and Midtown East, NY, is committed to providing the most effective sports medicine to help you stay in the game and at your best.

Common Questions About Sports Medicine in Podiatry

The feet, ankles, and lower legs play a vital role in sports, especially for dancers and runners. Unfortunately, the intense involvement of the lower extremities makes them highly vulnerable to pain and injuries. And when those occur, you can end up on the sidelines of your favorite sport or activity. We have good news, though. Dr. Genkin and the team at Elite Footcare NYNJ in Lower Manhattan and Midtown East, NY, can get your back on the field through personalized sports medicine.

What Is Sports Medicine in Podiatry, and What Does It Treat?

Sports medicine is dedicated to keeping athletes moving forward by recovering from injuries faster and completely. And it’s beneficial for athletes of all levels and types – even those who simply enjoy a good football game with friends or a run in the mornings. Sports medicine also focuses on preventing injuries in the first place and improving their performance.

There are various specialists that offer sports medicine. Podiatrists focus on addressing issues in the lower legs, feet, and ankles. These issues can include chronic pain, stiffness, strained muscles, inflammation, torn tendons, torn ligaments, plantar fasciitis, and more.

How Does Sports Medicine in Podiatry Work?

It begins with a full evaluation and diagnosis that can both detect your current injury and any potential issues. A customized treatment plan can then be developed to treat each issue detected.

While the exact treatment methods will depend on the issues and their severity, they can include custom orthotics, PRP, strapping, rehabilitation exercises, cortisone injections, devices such as braces or casts, anti-inflammatory medications, and more. When necessary, surgical intervention is discussed. However, this is saved as a last resort. Conservative methods are preferred and are explored fully.

You can also receive incredible guidance to enhance your healing and prevent future injuries. These might include anything from changing your footwear and daily stretches to eating healthier to take pressure off your joints and soft tissues.

Don’t let an injury keep you benched. Schedule your sports medicine appointment with Dr. Genkin at Elite Footcare NYNJ in Lower Manhattan and Midtown East, NY, by calling (718) 218-4075 today.

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