Dr. Michael Genkin is our podiatric professional at Elite Footcare NYNJ offering premium foot care including platelet rich plasma treatments. Our expert podiatric care is available to patients at one of our convenient New York, NY locations in Lower or Midtown Manhattan.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Firstly, it is important to understand that platelet rich plasma consists of two parts of what we know as blood:

  • Plasma, which is the liquid portion of blood and serves as a carrier or medium for the other parts.
  • Platelets or thrombocytes, which are the blood cells that help your blood to clot, while also providing other necessary healing and growth functions.

Platelet rich plasma is taken from your body as whole blood, and it is separated into its parts using a centrifuge. You can think of a centrifuge as a great big spinning machine used in a laboratory setting. Once everything is separated, the platelets and a small amount of plasma are combined to produce a platelet concentrate, known as platelet rich plasma. This will eventually be injected back into your body to reduce pain and inflammation.

What Are Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Used For?

Platelet rich plasma injections are injected into a targeted area of the body affected by soft tissue injuries that are inflamed and painful. This injection will stimulate repair at a cellular level and provide much-needed growth factors that will speed up the healing.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is also suitable for patients recovering from surgical procedures where tissue repair is important. It’s also been used in recent years to treat osteoarthritis.

PRP injections are used to treat a variety of conditions, including:
- Tendonitis
- Ligament sprains
- Muscle tears
- Osteoarthritis

Benefit Of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

The full benefits of platelet rich plasma therapies are still being investigated, but the main benefits are pain relief and rapid healing from injuries. Platelet rich plasma is also widely used for dermal rejuvenation and various soft tissue injuries, including sports injuries. This makes platelet rich plasma a versatile therapy.

Additionally, the chances of an allergic reaction are low as the platelets and plasma are derived from your blood, and it's a minimally invasive procedure using your own biological products.

You may need several platelet rich plasma injections over several weeks for maximum efficacy, but the results may last many months or up to a year or two.

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