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The Achilles tendon — the largest tendon in the body — is needed for every step we take. While it’s extremely durable it can suffer injury ranging from mild inflammation to ruptures. Dr. Michael Genkin of Elite Foot Care NYNJ can diagnose problems affecting the Achilles tendon accurately. He can also provide treatments that address the pain and the issues that caused them. To make an appointment with Dr. Genkin, please call Elite Foot Care NYNJ in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan and Midtown East, New York.

Achilles Tendon Q & A

What is the Achilles tendon?

The Achilles tendon connects your heel bone to your calf muscle, and you rely on it anytime you run, jump, or walk. Though durable, the Achilles tendon can be injured through overuse, strain and something as simple as wearing bad shoes.

What issues can affect the Achilles tendon?

The most common issue affecting the Achilles tendon is Achilles tendonitis. This condition occurs when your Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. In general, Achilles tendonitis develops in three stages.

  1. Peritenonitis:
    During this stage, you may experience localized pain during or after activities that require you to use the Achilles tendon.
  2. Tendinosis:
    During the second stage of Achilles tendonitis, you may have a nodule or swelling in the back of your leg. You may not experience any symptoms during this stage.
  3. Peritenonitis with tendinosis:
    During this stage, you may notice pain and swelling any time you use your tendon. In this advanced stage of Achilles tendonitis, your tendon is at risk of rupturing.

If your Achilles tendon ruptures, you may need more extensive treatment. For this reason, it’s important to make an appointment with Dr. Genkin as soon as you start noticing problems with your Achilles tendon.

How does Dr. Genkin diagnose Achilles tendon problems?

When you come to Elite Foot Care NYNJ with the symptoms of Achilles tendon problems, Dr. Genkin will begin by performing a thorough physical examination of your foot while paying special attention to the area near your Achilles tendon.

He will also review your medical history and ask questions about your symptoms. Your answers will usually confirm his diagnosis. If not, he may order X-rays to rule out other possible problems.

After Dr. Genkin has diagnosed the cause of your symptoms, he will recommend treatment options.

What treatments are available?

If your Achilles tendon hasn’t ruptured, Dr. Genkin will recommend treatments designed to bring down the inflammation and prevent the tendon from rupturing.

If the tendon has already ruptured, you may need to wear a cast or a special walking boot until it heals. In some cases, a ruptured Achilles tendon will require surgery.

In addition to helping you recover from Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendon rupture, Dr. Genkin will also help you build strength and stability in the area so you’ll be less likely to have problems in the future.

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